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Greetings Fellow Calguns Personnel & Fellow Shooters: This morning in the Riverside CA Press-Enterprise newspaper, Section A {PERSPECTRIVE}, Page 1 there was a article written by Senator Joel Anderson, 36th District {San Diego} and the title was: "Speak up and defend California gun rights". I have never heard of Senator Anderson before I read this article regarding gun issues and at the end of his article and I quote in part: SB 396 and several other measures working their way through the Legistlature this year infringe on Californians constitutional right to the Second Amendment and their ability to defend themselves and their families. If you stand behind the Second Amendment and believe that California citizens' right to defend their families should be protected, please send me an email at I will be sure that my Senate colleagues receive a copy of your email and your voice is heard. Taking away a law-abiding citizens's basic tool of self-defense puts vulnerable citizens at risk. As we learned from the stories of the brave women who acted without choice to defend themselves and their families, "defense" is not a game; its a matter of life or death. Joel Anderson, R-San Diego, represents the 36th District, which includes parts of San Diego and Riverside counties, in the California Senate.

I took the liberty of going to Senator Anderson's site...and if you wish to contact him and Thank him for his stance regarding issues regarding guns and the 2nd Amendment, etc., I have listed his office{s} for your review and information and I will be writing him and Thanking him as I finish this.....

Sen. Joel Anderson {R-36th}
State Capitol Room 5052
Sacramento California 95814
Phone 916 651 4036
Fax 916 447 9008

El Cajon District Office
500 Fesler Street #201
El Cajon California 92020-1946
Phone 619 596 3136
Fax 619 596 3140

Temecula District Office
27555 Ynez Road Suite 204
Temecula California 92591-4678
Phone 951 676 1020
Fax 951 676 1030

You can read the complete article in the Press-Enterprise newspaper Riverside California 92502 and his article was on Page 1, Section A....

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