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Originally Posted by Dantedamean View Post
I never understood this line of thinking in California when you buy a rifle, for the most part, you fill out DROS paperwork and go through a background check. There is already a record of you buying the rifle, so your not losing anything by registering it as an assault weapon when your able to. If anything it's much better because now these dumb assault weapon laws don't apply to that gun.
Are you kidding? Of course they apply! You're not going to be able to do anything different with the rifle than you were able to before, it's just now it has to be registered. Registering as an assault weapon does NOT all the sudden allow you to do things that have already long since been banned.

Also, if you build an AR around an untraceable 80%, the DOJ will have no record of you having the firearm. As for the DROS paper trail, that's a hard trail to follow, especially since DROS paperwork doesn't involve serial numbers for rifles(yet). Sure, the DOJ knows that you purchased "a rifle" on whatever date, but what did you purchase? It could have been a Mosin Nagant that I have since sold C&R to someone else. Prove it.
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