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Originally Posted by ke6guj View Post
and how many of those URAWs never see the light of day since the owners are not willing to take them out to a range and use them because they are illegal? That old Colt AR15 has been in the back of the closet for close to 25-years now. "I'm not going to register since they'll just confiscate it". Well, they haven't yet in 25-years, and you've just left a potential felony sit in the closet for all that time.

And yes, the odds are extremely low, but aren't zero. Bwiese has passed on info that many/most URAW arrests come from LE contact that brought the LEO to the house for for non-firearms-related issues.
I don't think anybody would argue that there's no risk to it, or that anybody do anything without understanding the risks. That said, there are those who believe that a firearm is not useless just because you can't take it to the range every weekend.

Also, it should be said that anybody with an unregistered assault weapon would be quite foolish to leave it somewhere so obvious as a closet or other unsecured location in their home.

Again, I'm not suggesting that everybody should fill their homes with "illegal" weapons. I'm saying that blind obedience to the Man is exactly what the Man wants, and as long as the Man gets that, we'll continue to go downhill.
My life may not be worth the mere firearms, but should it ever really come down to it, my life is worth the freedom. The only reason you and I have the freedom we have is because someone else put their life on the line, knowing that it's not just about the guns.
No one is free until everyone is free. If you champion your own rights, but won't stand up for the rights of others, you're no better than those who wish to take our rights away.
"No one will be spared." - Claus von Stauffenberg
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