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Originally Posted by monkezuncle View Post
Open letter suggestion... BE NICE. BE FAIR. Treat others like you would like to be treated. Maybe that's too much to ask but thought I would throw it out there. I recommended a friend to join CG the other day... He said "ummm...I went there once, those people are kind of jerks".

It's hard to grow into California's premiere gun group when we have a rep for being people others don't like to hang around with.

This issue needs to be addressed at some point. Iím in the same mindset as Monkezuncle. I looked into this forum before joining and asked around and got the same response he did from other people. Some of the members here arenít known for their patience and understanding. Iíve read through some threads that crossed to line of civility. Sometimes itís hard to differentiate between sarcasm and subtle humor when reading a post and not being face to face. Just adding a Ďsmilieí at the end of the post would eliminate any confusion.

Iím here because I want to be, but if I feel defamed, Iím going somewhere else. Iím an older guy and Iíve been using forums for years and this is the first one Iíve experienced with this issue. This forum is large and I understand the moderators canít oversee every thread, but it would be productive to follow-up on this. As for the OPís, follow the suggestion in this thread and hit the ďreport postĒ icon. If nothing is resolved, find another forum.

I know, Iím a newbie here, but so was everyone else at one time. Itís one thing if the OP refers to themselves that way, but the membership shouldnít use it to describe another member. Everyone makes mistakes occasionally, but the membership needs to treat people the way you want to be treated.

Thatís my $.02

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