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Originally Posted by Movin&Shakin View Post
V - I attended the Appleseed Corona event this fathers day weekend with my 12 year old son. We will both remember this for the rest of our lives. The professional marksmanship training coupled with rich history is not comparable to anything else money can buy. We bonded. This was special. I stumbled across Appleseed on Calguns. I am very perplexed why this isn't packed wall to wall. I don't get it. But thank you Appleseed for a weekend we will never forget.
Hey, it was a blast especially sunday afternoon when the newly pushed up and non-compacted berm dirt started blowing around.... put paid to a few rifles. But up until then it was fun, nah it was fun all the time.

Anyway, glad you both had a good time.

Just getting round to unpacking all my stuff - and shaking the dust off - one of my slings I loaned out has a quick disconnect which isn't mine. I suspect it might be one of yours... if you are missing one PM me what you'd like to do, have me mail it to you or hold it till the next AS at Corona.

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