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Originally Posted by blazeaglory View Post
The fact is, designers DO make butt loads of money and now they are upset because game stop is making more than them. Plain and simple. just becuase one company went belly up, doesnt mean that their designers didnt make millions of dollars already and that the company did not profit. Companies go bankrupt all the time and that does not mean that previously, before bankruptcy, that they did not make tons of cash. Going bankrupt doesnt prove anything, except that they went bankrupt. Companies make profit for years and then go bankrupt..

Its just another way for multi-millionaires to make MORE money...Whether its game stop or developers, they both make tens of millions of dollars and they want MORE...

Like I said, I dont have a problem with designers charging royalties for games each time a game is sold and re-sold, but Im not going to pay out of the @$$ again and again, just to make some millionaire more money.

Gamestop and designers are both in it to make CASH. You cant blame gamestop for doing what a FREE MARKET society is supposed to do, and that is profit. Obviously if people had such a problem with game stop, they would not be in business.

There are huge costs that go into game development. The same publishers that sell AAA titles often also develop low tier games to try and find the next hit. They often lose money on those ventures. Focusing on the few games that "make it" does at all reflect the games market, which are full of lack-luster titled (in regards to sales) that simply don't pay the bills. Producers have to keep many games in development to keep the "next new thing" coming. Its a hedge against risk that pays off, yes. But is not as much as you think.

The term you're using, "designers" doesn't make much sense. The publishers are the ones who fund development houses to develop the game. Well known publishers are EA, Activision, etc. Those development houses do employ designers, but most are NOT millionaires, only those with a track record of designing popular titles get that kind of pay-offs.

As for GameStop they produce and develop nothing. They are simply the middle man in the process of selling media featuring profitable content from person to person.

As I mentioned in another post, if you get rid of the media, the largest factor on price will be the demand. When the demand drops, the price will drop as well. It will be a better result for the consumers.
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You don't like homosexuality, don't let some dude stick his tab A into your slot B.
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