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Originally Posted by Hoshnasi View Post
This is the falsehood I think most consumers believe.

"Developed make boats loads, I need to be in it for myself."

This is a FALSE understanding of the market. There are major game titles that DO in fact carry a massive market and DO in fact make a boat load of money. The problem is those AAA games also have massive costs to produce. Further, the producing companies also bank-roll OTHER games, most do not pull down boat loads of cash. The reason they bank-roll such games is to hopefully discover the next popular title such as CODBLOPS etc.

Here is an example, THQ one of the big four companies went belly up this year. This happened because of development delays and funding line disruptions. With that said, here is a bread-down of the assets that was sold off:

Link to Forbes article

The reality is that companies like GameStop have been making boat-loads of money, yes boat loads more than many game companies by buying low and selling high the intellectual property of others. They are using the dinosaur that is physical media distribution to sell a good that does not degrade or depreciate aside from market need. It's a brilliant cash cow, but it's time is coming to an end. They need to find another market to build towards and FAST.

The fact is, designers DO make butt loads of money and now they are upset because game stop is making more than them. Plain and simple. just becuase one company went belly up, doesnt mean that their designers didnt make millions of dollars already and that the company did not profit. Companies go bankrupt all the time and that does not mean that previously, before bankruptcy, that they did not make tons of cash. Going bankrupt doesnt prove anything, except that they went bankrupt. Companies make profit for years and then go bankrupt..

Its just another way for multi-millionaires to make MORE money...Whether its game stop or developers, they both make tens of millions of dollars and they want MORE...

Like I said, I dont have a problem with designers charging royalties for games each time a game is sold and re-sold, but Im not going to pay out of the @$$ again and again, just to make some millionaire more money.

Gamestop and designers are both in it to make CASH. You cant blame gamestop for doing what a FREE MARKET society is supposed to do, and that is profit. Obviously if people had such a problem with game stop, they would not be in business.
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