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Originally Posted by blazeaglory View Post
I dont have a smart phone or a laptop with a camera. My desktop doesnt even have a
Because you choose to remain in the 90's doesn't mean MS shouldn't.

Originally Posted by blazeaglory View Post
The fact is, MS didnt have to do all that. PS4 isnt doing it, so why is microsoft?
So because Sony isn't doing it, MS shouldn't? Don't understand your logic there.

Originally Posted by blazeaglory View Post
Plus, I would have to be logged in to play ANY game. What if I want to play on my boat? I dont have a connection on my boat, so Im screwed. What if I want to bring my xbox one to my cabin with no connection? Screwed again. What if MS has some kind of power outage or malfunction, Screwed again. No offline gameplay, even for NON multiplayer games.

Im not complaining but I will not buy Xbox one, thats for sure. My xbox 360 is more than enough and when I get a new system, it will probably be a PS3 or PS4
You have no camera on your ... but you want to play a game on your boat? Your cabin? Hmmm ... you have, what is called, rhetorical hearing (reading, in this case). Haters gonna be haters.
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