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Most of the arm chair discussions going on is going to be much to do about nothing leading up to the release.

-Always connected devices will be the norm, or already is the norm for the market share that MS wants. Not just console buyers but game buyers. Edit to add, I think this "rule" will be modified some leading up the release. I think MS execs screwed up in explaining why this would not be an issue day-to-day.

-"The Kinect is watching me". This will be sorted out and selected-able for those that want it turned off. Or again, a NON-issue for the market share MS wants.

-Used gamer penalty. This is a byproduct of transitioning to an "All Digital" distribution scheme. It also allows for game companies to sell their product at reduced costs as the game gets older and older. The rules for going all digital will evolve, some companies will open the "give a game" system like Steam has done. I'm sure MS/Sony will have some flavor of this. As for GameStop, screw-um. If the business model is changing they need to react or find a new market it this one dries up! We as consumers should not feel bad for this. Further, their business model was INSANE. They (and companies like them) bought games at a massively low cost and sold them back to the consumer for massively inflated costs. Of course, I have no issue with this and kudos to them for owning that particular market, but I'm not going to lift a finger to help a dieing market (selling used physical media).

-Hardware. This could be an issue. Its going to come down to the third party developers. Sony is doing the right thing by courting them. I've read that to port a PC game to the PS4 is SUPER easy. Which is GREAT. However MS is going to change their processes to better support the devs from the bad PR they got regarding their Live support and patching process. Also, I think the Xbox One will have a better saturation point with literally NO hardware bottleneck issues. The Ps4 might have a supply chain problem due to its advanced memory. Time will tell.

Seriously though, there is alot of people claiming Sony winning against MS and it's just too early to state such a thing. It's basically fanboism to do so.
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