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WEEK 1 Screenings

Jun. 20 Sacramento, CA, 7:30pm at Crest Theatre (Hosted by Dead Patriot Films) - Seats Left: 57
Ticket Link

Jun. 20 San Francisco, CA, 7:30pm at AMC Van Ness - Seats Left: 43
Ticket Link

Jun. 20 San Jose, CA, 7:30pm at AMC Saratoga - Seats Left: 101
Ticket Link

Jun. 20 Bakersfield, CA, 7:30pm at Starplex Cinemas Bakersfield - Seats Left: 135
Ticket Link

Jun. 20 Burbank, CA, 7:30pm - 9:19pm at AMC Burbank Town Center - Seats Left: SOLD OUT
Ticket Link

Jun. 20 Rancho Cucamonga, CA, 7:30pm at AMC Victoria Gardens - Seats Left: SOLD OUT
Ticket Link

June 20th-23rd Orange, CA 7:30pm at AMC Orange 30

Jun. 20 Tustin, CA, 7:30pm at AMC Tustin 14 - Seats Left: 35
Ticket Link

Jun. 20 San Diego, CA, 7:30pm at AMC Palm Promenade - Seats Left: 1
Ticket Link

WEEK 2 Screenings

June 26 Clovis, CA 7:30pm at Sierra Vista Cinemas 16 - Seats Left: 1
Ticket Link

Jun. 26 Oakland, CA, 7:00pm at The New Parkway Theater - Seats Left: 66
Ticket Link

Jun. 26 Redondo Beach, CA, 7:30pm at AMC South Bay Galleria 16 - Seats Left: 63
Ticket Link

Jun. 27 Riverbank, CA, 7:30pm at Galaxy 12 Riverbank - Seats Left: 70
Ticket Link

Jun. 27 Anaheim, CA, 7:30pm at AMC Downtown Disney 12 - Seats Left: 68
Ticket Link

Originally Posted by NRA spends more money in CA than it takes in from here. Please stop spreading misinformation.
Read the full post about NRA activities in CA here.

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