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My most recent news:
Applied for increase in August 2012. Received compensation and pension appointment May 2013 via San Francisco VA. Got confirmation and first increase payment June 2013. Claim processed through Salt Lake City, UT.
Heard the VA administration comp and pen office in Louisville, KY has absorbed a great number of the WAY overdo claims (year(s) old claims) and pushed many through for action recently. Once the very old backlog is absorbed, then the newer claims will follow.
My most recent claim activity mentioned above was just an increase, not an initial claim so mine went a different channel but was incredibly fast nonetheless.
edit: I also need to mention that my increase was filed via the "paperless" process via the Ebenefits site vs processing the paper claim. When I got the first payment and confirmation letter regarding the increase it said something in there about how my increase was processed quick because I chose that route and there were multiple references in there to in being the paperless claim process.
Also they bundled my request to correct my dependent rate in with my increase. (was only getting paid wrong amount as if I was a single parent, not married vet with child rate like i should have until now)

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