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Originally Posted by Damn True View Post
I kick myself almost every time I go there, but it's 5min from my office. Makes for a nice lunch break when it goes well, it rarely does.

The info they collect annoys the crap out of me. But the most troubling thing is the unsupervised access given to absolute ZERO experience knuckleheads.

Last time I visited just such a person was checking in as I was leaving. He complained to the counter-guy that Reed's wouldn't rent him a gun because he didn't know how to operate it. The counter guy BRAGGED that TM didn't require proficiency demonstration because "everybody has to learn".

Um.....rather than hand some idiot a firearm so they can learn by trial and error (God help whomever is on the receiving end of that error) why don't you charge a fee (which will eliminate the bottom of the barrel moron who is just doing it for kicks) for a rental qualification lesson and TEACH and supervise their learning?

While I've never been swept in the lanes (that I know of), I have seen it happen to other people and I have seen a dude hand his girl a handgun that she tossed onto the floor after "it went off".
They shouldn't need a class or anything, what they need is to get employees that aren't satisfied with minimum wage.

You'd be better off flipping burgers(usually a free or discounted lunch, and there's actually a possibility of advancement sometimes).

Of course the problem with that, is that the owner is a cheapskate(and douche) and can operate on such razor thin margins on firearm purchases due to the volume, because his personnel costs are so low. It's a recipe for mediocrity.
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