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Originally Posted by martee7 View Post
any one here have experience dealing with VA diagnosed sleep apnea? Went to iraq a healthy boot.. came back a salty sleep apnea devil dog.. hah!

but seriously, if any one here has any info/knowledge how to clear that can you help a brother out? my claim was started in mid-late 2010 or '11 (i forgot already) and was just denied in dec 2012 becauee i missed an appt that i was advised of via mail a day before the appt.. while i was across the country doing some pre deployment training to come out to afcrackistan as a contractor.. l
Sounds like you should get back with whoever helped initiate your claim first time (normally a veterans organization, CA county vet rep, someone of that sort) and see what they can do to re-initiate a new comp and pen for that condition. Not much you can do about whats already been done.

In case you haven't had sleep study already, you can also help develop the claim for sleep apnea by seeing your VA primary care provider and getting a referral to Pulmonary (chest) clinic and then onto a sleep study lab. If you are claiming sleep apnea, you most certainly have to have a past sleep study to prove it if you dont already. Not all people with problems sleeping, have sleep apnea specifically, there are other psychological and physical conditions that prevent people from sleeping well. Whereas sleep apnea is specifically caused by your breathing pattern and not being able to bring in enough air, so your brain chooses to wake you up when oxygen saturation gets too low VS letting you continue to sleep without enough oxygen to brain.

Buddy letters from other people sharing the same sleeping space as you in Iraq can help to validate that the sleep condition you have, did start in Iraq. (true sleep apnea/inability to get enough air into you while you sleep is commonly from people being overweight after the fact) so you want to add weight to the idea that it was something in Iraq that caused it. Obviously if you ever saw sick call in Iraq with any medical document talking about sleep problems that is even better.
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