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Originally Posted by choo2x View Post
  • Traffic from the City of Industry through the eastside to Burbank up the 5 wasn't as bad as I thought it might be. Maybe I don't have to take the 605 to the 210 the next time I head up to the shoot from the OC (or maybe I just lucked out, hmmmm).
  • From all the grief I caught from the BLOCKaid boys for not having any SAaid with me this month, I guess it's time to send another SOS email to Springfield Armory for more goodies.
  • It was nice seeing Mike (AUstate) make it this month, although bummer about the broken hand.
  • It was nice seeing and meeting all the first timers shooting this month. I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves.
  • Congrats to those members who completed one or more Winchester/NRA qualification stages.
  • RoundEye had plenty of paper plates with him, so there were no pizza sauce targets this month.
  • There will still be Calgunners that will shoot until closing.

Special note: Scott (PM720) completed the Marksman First Class qualifications with all targets scoring 100/100. Nice shooting!

Art, you're very welcome. Congrats on completing your Sharpshooter and Expert Qualifications this shoot.

Remember, you have to have a member of the NRA witness, time and score your Distinguished Expert Qualification. Chad's usually slammed at the shoot , so maybe you can ask another NRA member to witness your qualification. I will be out of town during the next Burbank shoot. Have fun and good luck.

Thanks for reminding, Shelton. I will ask Michael (AUState) as my bak up, in case Chad (Roundeye) is busy to witness my Quali next month.


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