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Default Points of clarity

Sorry, I wasn't clear. SBR a 1911 with a 22 conversion kit for the buttstock. the second post was regarding how SB23 would interpret an SBR. It would be a Pistol (as it's barrel is less then 16") AND a rifle (as it is "Designed to be fired from the shoulder").

So you have to comply with BOTH the pistol features list and the rifle list. To avoid the rifle list a 22 conversion (that would be my choice for the caliber of record on the NFA paperwork), and then just make sure you don't add any Pistol AW features.

You don't have to have money on tap for a lawyer to own NFA items, it was a gross over-generalization. I wouldn't begin to tread the NFA path without a lawyer personally. Capital assets would also a person prerequisite. That is a home that I will inhabit for the foreseeable future.

Different strokes for different folks.

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