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Thanks, I keep reading about "registerd in 9mm 223 and 308" for H&K trigger packs so i thought it had to be listed

Being a pessimist it's a Pistol and a rifle. As a rifle if it was centerfire then OAL and pistolgrip features apply.

As a pistol the magazine outside the grip, second handgrip, threaded barrel and shrouded barrel rules apply. a 1911 22 conversion doesn't have these (neither would the aforementioned MK I) CA defines handgun differently then the feds as notated above.

Of course if it wasn't semiauto none of these would be an issue.

Now, I may be overcautious. But as SBR'ing a pistol not only raises a flashing Xenon sign above you it steps on toes too. "Them darn calgunners are at it again."

I suppose those that have NFA guns have lawyer money too, but just as it's EVERY gun owners responsibility to obey the laws it's DOUBLY important for NFA owners to be upstanding citizens.


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