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Originally Posted by docsmileyface View Post
yeah wacky va math even though your individual claims are 90% I believe your 3 contentions will end up being 70%
Originally Posted by justjeff View Post
VA math puts me @ 115% yet receive 70%

I even when they break it down I still don't understand the math.
here is a break down of their math

When a veteran has more than one disease or disability, the disability ratings are not simply added together (for example, a 40% disability rating plus a 20% disability rating does not equal a total 60% disability rating.) Instead, a formula is used to determine the total disability rating level for multiple disabilities. First, the disabilities are ranked from most to least severe. Then, it is determined what percentage of efficiency the veteran retains after the first, most severe disability. For example, if the veteran's most severe disability is rated at 40%, he is still 60% efficient.

After that, the second most severe disability is considered. That second disability rating is applied to the vet's remaining efficiency. For example, if the veteran after the first disability has a remaining 60% efficiency, and his second most severe disability has a 20% disability rating, then 20% of the 60% efficiency is calculated in this case, 12%, and that number is added to the original disability rating (40% plus 12% equals 52% disabled).

The new disability rating is rounded up or down to the closer 10% increment. In the example above, the 52% rating would be rounded down to a 50% disability rating, and that veteran would be considered 50% disabled.

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DV you are an attention whore. This thread sucked and so do 99% of your posts.
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