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Here's some background information on this issue:

Last year CGF paid the maintenance fee on one of the patents so that the technology remained "encumbered." Well, that probably pissed of Lizotte, the inventor/owner of these microstamping patents. As you'll see in the following NYT article, he wanted his patents to lapse so that states would start mandating this technology:

I haven't done enough looking in the PTO system to see if he has other patents/applications, but the primary one at issue last year was 7,111,423. A continuation application was filed claiming priority to the application issuing as the '423 patent as well, which itself issued as Pat. No. 7,204,419. Interestingly, back in November 2012 Lizotte filed a Statutory Disclaimer for each patent (see attachments), in effect dedicating the claimed subject matter in both the '423 patent and the '419 to the public. The other patents in the continuity chain all appear to have lapsed for failing to pay maintenance fees: 6,833,911; 6,886,284; 6,653,593; 6,420,615; and 6,310,701.

If you want to look up this information yourself, go to:, and select Public PAIR. Go through the CAPTCHA, and enter in the serial number for the '423 patent, exactly thus: 10/427513

I don't know if there are more patents by other inventors of microstamping technology, but if these Lizotte patents described the fundamentals and the legislation was drafted so that this technology constituted the baseline legal requirement, then by them lapsing and/or disclaimed, it's likely correct that it is no longer encumbered. At the very least, more than one manufacturer can presently implement microstamping exactly as described and claimed in these expired patents. It wouldn't surprise me if the DOJ and/or anti-gun groups coordinated with the inventor to get this statutory disclaimer filed. One clever move begat another, and while it may be possible to challenge the DOJ's authority to make these assessments, their position isn't unsupported, unjustified, or completely off base.

I still have faith in CGF that the Pena lawsuit will succeed. Hopefully it'll put a stop to all this AB-169 (SSE exemption) nonsense, as well as the microstamping, LCI and Mag disconnect crap.
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