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Originally Posted by chknlyps2 View Post
Are you guys are using a propane bbq? ... I don't think BLM will like charcoal now that it is getting warmer and with the recent fires we have had.

I might try to make it, I have some other plans that I may be able to move to another day. How far are you guys going in?
i will take a propane tank out their to grill.

i don't know, is there a really nice spot farther in? I have only been to the nice spot in the beginning where the big bush was at, where we had the cleanup HQ when i was there. if you have a better spot let me know.
Originally Posted by Low Light View Post
How tough is it to get to without a vehicle with above-average ground clearance? Will a (stock) Honda Civic sedan make it?
if the road is solid than no prob. if the road isn't then just park it at the bottom of the hill and hump your gear up top.
Originally Posted by 2761377 View Post
man's greatest accomplishments have been achieved in the face of futility.
it's a piss poor excuse to quit.
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