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Originally Posted by glockcougar View Post
I agree, but you still have to follow the directions on the "official document." This form is what will be brought into court. I know. I have been there and it wasn't pretty. Nothing like having an attorney asking why the form wasn't completed as directed. "Personal protection" is valid but it is not a complete thought, according to the court system. When everything u own, including your freedom, is being judged on two words, it is scary. How easy is it to explain in a short sentence why you want this. What is sad is to read why people don't know why they want it. Guess a jury of "not your peers" would love to hear why you are feel the need why u want to carry a gun and you say " I don't know why!" Guess what California is not gun friendly if you haven't figured it out yet. We need to protect ourselves with education and intelligence not just because we can attitude. This is how we lost our open carry, is because we could. Now we can't !!!
I think you are overly concerned on the point re: application language.

The applicants are not responsible for issuing the licenses. Any question on the appropriateness of a 'good cause' statement is on the issuing agency - and those agencies are exempted by Government Code from any liability from issuing or failing to issue a license. An application is not likely to be "brought into court".
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