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Originally Posted by Quiet View Post
From other forums...
San Bernardino County Sheriff John McMahon has recently changed the issuance policy again and no longer accepts "personal protection/self-defense" as a reasonable good cause for issuance. Need to articulate something more than just a simply self-defense statement.
If you would take a look at the Old or New CADOJ form (page 10 of 13) towards the bottom of the page--- you will notice the following paragraph:

"If the CCW license is desired for self-protection, the protection of others , or for the protection of large sums of money or valuable property, you are required to explain and provide good cause for issuance of the license. For example, has you life or property been threatened or jeopardized? Explain incidents and include dates, times, location, and names of police agencies to which these incidents were reported.

Details of Reason for Applicant Desiring a CCW license. Use additional pages if necessary.

So, this is not the Sheriff changing his mind, it is the State of California requiring the additional information.

Sheriff McMahon is 100 % behind the issuance of CCW permits.

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