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Originally Posted by inbox485 View Post
I think he's asking for the approximate number you are at. I have to admit, some sort of widget on the site showing the current order number being filled (or approximate) would be really cool. Something like the "take a number" displays. Maybe even show what the next newest order number will be. No idea if that is feasible, but it could be the next big thing in online stores that tend to have lead times.


Take a Number: 3251
Now Serving: 2975
Dude chill. Take your order date. Add four (4) or seven (7) weeks depending on what you ordered. That is your ballpark. That is what they committed to on the site.

until then, just wait.


We are experiencing very high demands for our AR500 Omega Armor. We take pride in producing quality products. Please note raw steel Omega Armor can take up to 4 weeks to process/ship. Additionally, coated armor can take up to 7 weeks to ship! We will try to get your order out as soon as possible, but would like to inform our customers in advance so they know there will likely be a short delay.

Once we are caught up in the manufacturing process, we will remove this message and you can expect immediate (1-2 business day) order fulfillment.

Thanks for putting your trust in The Target Man, LLC
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