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Originally Posted by TRAP55 View Post
Made early in 1895, with 6,198 made that year. I am now your hero, you mere mortal. A Hotchkiss? I'm green with envy! I wanna rummage through your gunsafe and see what else you've been hiding.
Have you shot the Colt yet? Mine is ready for a test fire. Ordered a Uberti screw set for it after I was told it would work,... it didn't, metric threads.
I am seriously impressed!

Yeah, I have an 1883 Hotchkiss. It is a military model, I'll have to snap some pictures at some point. It looks pretty much new. Still haven't shot the Colt. The rate that I seem to aquire new stuff exceeds the rate that I can take it out and shoot it. First world problems...

Thanks for the date. I've been lazy but am going to Cody letter that Hotchkiss sometime in the near future.
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Originally Posted by KWalkerM View Post
eh why bring logic into this, that makes too much sense... besides when you have bested a fool, you have accomplished nothing and he is a fool.
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