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I've been a regular at TM for awhile now, not just to shoot, but to buy as well. Personally, I love the staff. They're good people who make me laugh. They also let me know when shipments of anything I'm looking for (guns or ammo) come in and put it aside for me if they know I'm looking. I've never* had a bad experience with them at all. It's dark in the range? So's your house at night when a burglar breaks in. Too ghetto and has too many hoodlums? So do certain parts of San Jose and the entirety of Oakland. Think of it as training for living in the Bay Area. If anyone points a gun at you in the range, point one at them and warn em if they keep it up, you're likely to assume they mean you harm and you will respond appropriately**!

*While I disapprove of the 12,205+ hours it takes to complete all the forms just to do a ppt or buy a rifle, the staff keeps me well enough entertained during that time.

**This may or may not be a great idea, but it would certainly be hilarious and probably keep any newbie shooters from making that mistake again.
"Shoot first, ask questions never."
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