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Originally Posted by SoKenfused View Post
It would be nice if the folks at Sureshot would return phone calls or emails. They asked about my graphics over two months ago. I sent a question, they replied once. I sent a rough draft of the graphic and asked for their advice on the best orientation for the space available. I have never heard back from them. I have left many voice messages and emails. I have no idea what is going on. HORRIBLE service.

I've tried being patient through this process but this is ridiculous.

"BE ADVISED that whoever opted for Laser Engraving they will be receiving the lowers in 2-3 weeks (as per Sureshot) Please don't shoot the messenger."

Any questions please let me know

Lale <3

We understand your frustration, and it is frustrating for us too.

We have communicated with them that they need to pick up the pace on calling the Group Buy members back or communicating with them to finalize artwork for the customer laser engraving on the Group Buy lowers.

Please keep in mind that we are separate companies, and even though they currently rent out a small space of our shop for their laser engraving work, we cannot control how they operate.

All we can do is try to make them understand the importance of responding back to customers and potential customers.

In your case, we have communicated with them today to contact you, and if you do not receive a call or email by end of business today, please email us at and we will speak to them again.

Thank you,
1431 Truman St.
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Phone: (818) 361-5008

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