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Long time lurker, first time poster!

I've been in the market for my first handgun for a little while now and am curious to get feedback from Calgunners about things that changed for you after you selected your first gun and started using it. Did you buy and decide later that you wanted something different? If so, why?

My first instinct is to select the gun that "feels" the best and that I shoot the most accurately with. However, someone recently suggested that I not think too much about feel - because when the SHTF, I need to be able to pickup anything and be able to shoot it. I am not really buying with end-of-the-world scenarios in mind, but it seems like a reasonable thing to consider.

Also, I realize accuracy should improve with any pistol after practice, so should that even matter after going through a few mags at the range? I assume that any handgun I choose within a certain category (CZ P0-1, Sig 229, SA XD, etc.) will have relatively comparable quality.

Thanks for any feedback!

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