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Ive witnessed a few gun buybacks and I have a few observations from them. While I dont agree with the "facts" as declared by some elected officials I can attest to a few thing.

1) 60-80% of the guns turned in are CRAP, not worth the $100 bucks given. Grandads rusted shotgun, that davis 25 auto you took apart and dont know how to reassemble, bring it down and make $100

2) Tons of folks who turn in these guns want nothing to do with them or they have no business owning them.I'ive seen it over and over. Guy pulls up and says "we have small children in the home and dont want the gun the house". Too cheap to buy a gun safe? too lazy to lock it up? or too scared to teach your kids that a gun is a tool and must be respected.

It never fails, guy pulls up driving a prius with a big Obama/Biden sticker on the back. Out comes some family relic. "This shotgun belonged to my grand pa" or "my grandfather brought this pistol back from WWII". No mater how much he is told "man this gun is a classic, you could sell it and make a lot of money" the words fall on deaf ears. youll hear people say " I dont belive in guns, i want it out of my home".

3) There are a few people who turn in guns for legitimate financial needs. Old folks on fixed incomes mostly. They get rid of a rusty goose gun and now they have $100 bucks for food/beer or whatever.

4) Yes, you do ocasinally get the criminal who dumps his gun at these things. Wether its a stolen gun or a gun used in a crime.

5) The rarest appearance of them all is the legitimate gun owner showing up at one of these things. If he does show up its because he has another motive (ill take this crap Lorcin and get a $100 bucks and use that $100 for a gun I really want). I have yet to meet a real red blooded gun owner say "I'm here turning in my guns to lower crime".

these are just some candid observations.

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