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(yeah yeah I'm threadcrapping)

Originally Posted by JTROKS View Post
Booooo... It was 2" short anyway and I have too many stainless 357s anyway
BLASPHEMER! I have cash.

Pleasure of course to accidentally run into you today too - that ride out the 4 to 80 is a much, much nicer ride than the 680/24 route. Beautiful trees, open road and just sweeps through the hills. I have a pickup in Pleasant Hill next weekend, I just may take the long way around for the drive.

Pics of the 66 after 10-day and I get the original banana grips + T back on it, I have to put the grip frame pin back in - found it in a plastic baggy in the box, I'm guessing that nifty Hogue grip required it to be removed. It'll look just like the picture in the SCSW 3rd Edition...
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