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Originally Posted by Fishwrestler View Post
Placer County does not require a class before your interview. The class certification must be submitted at you fingerprint appointment. This email was to let people who had appointments know that they had created more options for finger printing. I think the county is doing thing that are positively effecting CCW applicants. Here is this complete process
Oh, that does clear up some things...Thank you. And it seems to reaffirm the problems with the Placer S/O's policies I have pointed out.

While they may be in compliance with some of SB610 (in particular with the collection of fees and notification of denial by mail...), their step by step proceedure conjoined with their 'CCW checklist' found here ( ) appears to be making demands for superflous documentation as well as the training certificate in advance of this determination and even warns... "No application will be submitted for review until all documents are in place."

The following policy requirements are also unlawful;
  • The three gun limit. (There is no statutory limit to how many guns one may list.)
  • The demand for utility bills or other documentation proving residency. (PC26175(g))
  • The demand for business licenses, employer statements or other documentation supporting good cause.(PC26175(g))
  • And unless the condition (or any other restrictions) to notify law enforcement that you are a license holder is imprinted on the license, it is no condition at all. (PC26200(b))

An applicant needs to provide just three things in submitting their application. The completed application, their fingerprints and (in Placer counties case) $113.

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