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Hey guys, I'm finally going to apply for my CCW permit, and I have a couple of questions.

1) Regarding "good cause" as far as personal protection goes, would it be a good idea to include a home invasion that happened to me last year?

2) I am self-employed and usually travel with fairly large amounts of cash on my person. How would/should I go about proving that to them?

3) I'm not very clear on the residency requirements. I've lived in SB Co for over 10 years, but I do not have an official rent/lease agreement as I still live with my parents. Will this be a problem?

4)Last but not least, I have long hair and it is usually in braids. I does not look crazy or sloppy IMHO. My question is, will I be judged on my appearance?

Any input would be greatly appreciated! Thanks guys for everything you do!
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