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Default Honor Tommy Mac- Saturday, 20 APR

Sorry this is coming up so soon, but I just found out about it. SGT Thomas Macpherson was KIA 12 OCT of last year in eastern Afghanistan. SGT Macpherson, of the 2/75th Ranger Regiment, is a SoCal native from Los Alamitos (near Long Beach)- a local hero.

There is a memorial event (hopefully the first of an annual event) being held this weekend as a fundraiser for his wife Claudia and their son Brayden. The event consists of a 5k run/walk and SGT Macphersons Crossfit hero WOD. There's also going to be a raffle, and lots of local companies have donated for WOD equipment and prizes. All of the details are available here:

On a personal note, I was supporting SGT Macpherson and his team last year when he was killed. I was there, surrounded by other tense, emotional Americans when he was announced Dead On Arrival. He was one of two operators we lost in as many days. So, this one hits close to home for me. If anyone could attend, that would be awesome! If not, please keep the Macpherson family in your thoughts and prayers to your deity of choice. Much appreciated!

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SGT Thomas Macpherson KIA 12 OCT 2012
SFC Ryan Savard KIA 13 OCT 2012
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