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Originally Posted by thebronze View Post
C'mon man. It means that you're approved contingent on passing the LiveScan checks.

Don't be stupid.
Approval for good cause and good moral character is the only approval that matters. And according to the law, the issuing agency is required to notify the applicant of their determination by mail before the applicant is required to obtain training.

This correspondance, on the other hand, is an email that encourages the applicant to pay his fees in full in advance of DOJ/Livescan and since there is no mention of obtaining training and certification- I am assuming that this was submitted at the time of application. Placer appears not to be following SB610.

Expecting law enforcement to administer the law according to the law is not unreasonable. I think they should be held accountable.

The simplest breakdown of the process should be the following;

1) Application + $113 ($93 for DOJ + $20 portion of local fees) + DOJ LiveScan

2)Approval/Denial notification by mail. Denial must indicate reason.

3)Training + Certificate

4)Balance of $80 collected at time of issuance of license.
If any issuing agency is not following this sequence, they need a boot in their butt. Fees will vary by agency.

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