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Originally Posted by RobGR View Post
The easiest way I figured out to go about this and maybe others want to follow suit, but go to FPC.ORG click on the first Senate Bill from Yee (SB47), enter your info once and it'll take you through all the bills. Or return to the original link posted and select key bills (as listed in "Letters in PDF") to voice your opinion.

I then used "Letters in PDF" on the link in the OP by Pennys Dad, downloaded them, found the bill that corresponded to the page I was on at FPC.ORG and copied & pasted the content in the dialog box, omitting the table and changing the text "Listed below..." with "SB***".

Took about 15-30mins to do, but damn, if it can stop some of the madness, then it's well worth it.

FYI, there are some bills on FPC.ORG that do not have corresponding "Letters", so just throw something in there. I just put the following:
I followed your lead, probably to late I admit, so thanks for the tips. I used my own verbiage across the board, but hope it hits it's mark.

I strongly urge you to oppose & reconsider any and all anti-gun legislation and stances that will result in the criminalization of law-abiding California gun owners & the continued whittling away of our 2nd Amendment rights to own and bear arms.

Instead, focus on improvements to our flawed mental health system and enhancing school security, if future safety is in fact one of your claimed key concerns, while respecting our Second Amendment Civil Rights. Current gun laws have not yet stopped the types of tragedies you claim further even stricter legislation will, and that is because the mentally handicapped on prescription drugs with lists of side-effects and basic criminals do not care about laws, so your efforts will not hurt or effect them. They will hurt and effect every-day law abiding citizens who value their 2nd Amendment Rights. History has proven this basic fact out time and time again.

Your vote on these issues will be my sole point of consideration in my future voting decisions.

Concerned Constituent, American and Law Abiding Californian,
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