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Originally Posted by Fishwrestler View Post
You are receiving this email because your application for a Concealed Weapons Permit has been approved up to this point and you are already scheduled for a live scan appointment with the Placer County Sheriff’s Office – Auburn (2929 Richardson Drive).
Well, it would be very interesting to find out what they mean by 'approved up to this point' means. Because your license is either approved upon good cause or not.

Originally Posted by Fishwrestler View Post
[Please be advised of the following:

· Please bring the completed DOJ live scan form to your appointment.

· Please bring payment in the amount of $193.00 in the form of cash (no bills over $20 please), or check payable to the Placer County Sheriff’s Office.

o This fee includes the following:

§ DOJ/ FBI: $93.00

§ Agency roll fee: $20.00

§ Administrative fee: $80.00

· You will be signing and thumb printing your permit on this day.

· The Department of Justice will forward your results to us. We are unable to give a timeframe of when the Department of Justice will return your results. Once we receive all results from the Department of Justice we will move your file along in the process.

o If your application/ results are approved we will put your permit in the mail to you.

o If your application/ results are not approved you will receive notification via US postal mail.
And this is wrong.

The demand for the local fees up front is not SB610 compliant. If the local fees total $100 they may only collect 20% at the time of application. They can only collect $113 at the time you apply. The balance may only be collected when they issue your license. Regardless of whether or not they approve your application, you should be recieving notification by mail either 90 days from the time your application was originally submitted or thirty days after they recieve the results from the DOJ- whichever is later.

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