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Originally Posted by Excaliburr View Post
How is using the Lee perfect powder measure(which IMHO is certainly not perfect) weighing every load? Did you use a balance scale or a digital scale on every load and trickle the powder? Now that is measuring every load. I can get .4 grain difference using flake powders in my RCBS Uniflow and that is a huge difference for .38 rounds! My guess is light charge or no charge first and then second and even a contributing factor could be the "tightness" of the barrel. Have you ever swagged a lead bullet down the barrel to see what the dimension your barrel is? I have seen some tight ones and have re-loaded 9mm bullets in those in the past. I would say older .38's had that issue mainly.
Every charge checked with a digital scale and every few charges spot checked with a RCBS 5-0-2. Then all cases were visually checked (with a flashlight) prior to seating.
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