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Originally Posted by joelogic View Post
Failing to charge a round is always possible and it can be extremely dangerous. Since this is your first batch I would break down the rest.
Just 6 rounds left from that batch. So I'm going to break them down.

Originally Posted by hermosabeach View Post
Have you hit the billets with a micrometer?

The shape of that feels more like a 9mm not a .38 special / .357 mag

Did the bullets that fired hit and make a clean hole?
Definitely a 125 grain .357 round. Everything else was hitting the paper like it should. It was the only one I had a problem with.

Originally Posted by thomashoward View Post
Called a squib. More powder. Get a little flashlight and check before seating.
It happens
I was eye-balling all of them after weighing each charge, with a flashlight. But, again, anything is possible.

Originally Posted by M27 View Post
How did you measure your powder. When using a powder measure go slow and smooth. If going to fast and slapping the handle up and down can cause inconsistencies. This could be the issue but I am more likely to believe you missed the powder all together.
I was using a Lee Perfect Powder Measure. I made sure I was deliberately working it up and down and tapping on it to get excess flakes out as well for each charge. I'm a tiny bit concerned because I know I measured every charge.
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