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Originally Posted by fishguts View Post

I need to have a total of 117 copies of each letter for a total of 1287 letters. That will cover sending 11 letters to every Senator and Assemblyman. That is a lot of postage. Did I miss something??
This is a big effort, yes, but you are not fighting for your right to a mocha latte. You are fighting for your Civil Right, a right given to you by your creator not given to you by a man or a government. The right to self defend, to self expression of what you believe in, you are fighting for your posterity, your future. you are fighting back against a government that is openly saying if you own a gun you are a second class citizen, that you stand not as equals to them but subjects, because they will just Out Law your right and call it a day.

On a lighter side you could just send 1 letter to everyone of them, just pick the letter to the bill that offends you the most.
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