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Originally Posted by ekraft View Post
we'll really show them we mean business with all our letters..
You could show up with walterwhite at the Committee hearings.
It might be better than another letter.
Thread is here.

The letter campaign is designed for those that cannot or will not actively assist in other ways. This is many tentacles doing many things at once. Some will go to the hearings, some will make phone calls, some will write letters and some will email.
And then there are those that will denigrate everyone's efforts and do little or nothing while enjoying the fruits of others labors.

We've watched things erode over the years losing just one little thing at a time, just one little regulation added. In the meantime we fight in the Courts to rollback some of this stuff. Why not put a stop to it before it becomes law?

Its easier to keep the gate closed than it is to chase down a runaway horse.


"Nobody ever defended anything successfully, there is only attack and attack and attack some more." (George Patton)

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