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Originally Posted by blackrazor View Post
Yes, but, if I'm understanding this correctly, an AOW is exempt from all AW laws in CA, yes? After all, by definition, an "AOW" cannot be a rifle, pistol, or shotgun, which therefore means it can't be an "assault" rifle, pistol, or shotgun, yes? Furthermore, once something is registered as an "AOW", it is always an "AOW", even if at a later time it were to be configured as a rifle, right?

Let's say you purchase a bare OLL lower, what's to stop you from registering it as an AOW? And once registered as an AOW, why can't you configure it as an AW, since legally it can never really be an AW once labeled an AOW?
Here is a thread where this idea is talked about in more depth. It is something that I have thought about. I was planning to write a letter to the DOJ using other examples but mining the same information to get some clarification on this. If you came right out and asked, they would give you an unfavorable answer regardless. Now that it has been talked about here, it is a mute point. But as I and other said, an AOW can NEVER have a shoulder stock on it. If this were an exemption, it would only apply to handguns.
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