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Default Reasons for a Stuck Bullet

So I got through my first batch of reloads this weekend. I loaded up some 125 grain .38's using a range of 3.2 to 3.6 grains of TiteGroup (using data on HSM's website for their 125 plated bullets) and some 230 grain .45 Auto FMJ's using a range of 4.3 to 4.7 grains of TiteGroup.

Everything worked flawlessly in the .45 (knocks on head). However one of the .38's loaded with 3.6 grains of TiteGroup managed to get stuck in the barrel. Brass looked real dirty and the plating on the bullet was stripped by one of the lands - right down to the lead below. Also I couldn't be certain but looking down the bore at the stuck bullet (once the gun was empty of course) it almost looked like the bullet was canted upwards towards the top of the bore. Like it wasn't able to right itself and jammed itself into the bore.

With a little bit of Hoppes Lube, a rubber mallet and the male screw end of a cleaning rod I was able to push the bullet out and the barrel is fine.

Question is what (if somebody were to be able to nail it down) causes this? Since this was my first batch of loads I measured every charge, so unless the scale was way off it was in the 3.6 grain neighborhood. Too tight of a crimp? Badly sized bullet?

Here's a pic of the bullet:

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