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Originally Posted by SuperSet View Post
Just so I can target my efforts and make things more clear, what is the difference between what is being done on these letters vs Wildhawker's FPC page?
Right now the NRA and CRPA have lobbyists working hard on this in Sacramento.
The NRA is sending out emails and contact information to it's members urging them to send letters and emails.
The NRA Members Councils are rallying their members and associates to contact the Legislature.
Industry partners across California are asking their customers to make calls and send letters.

What it comes down to is this.

We need EVERY means of mobilizing and motivating people to get up and get involved.
This is NOT one person's fight or one organization's fight, this is EVERYONE'S fight.

If the FPC page get's people to get involved, Great!
If people get fired up by the NRA MCs, Wonderful!
If CGSSA's letters make it easier for someone to join the fight, Awesome!

Who did what is immaterial, as long as it got people moving or helped people get involved.
'Who' only matters to those who place greater value on credit and glory then on victory and success.
When we win, and we will, WE win not group A or org B.
All of us.

Pick your vehicle to get involved, hop in and ride that SOB until the wheels fall off!!
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