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Originally Posted by ccandgc View Post
Thanks guys....these 2 are cornerstones of my collection. I'd love to shoot the Colt, but I'm hesitant.....
Originally Posted by Lead Waster View Post
Don't shoot it! Buy a modern 1911 and shoot that instead! Like you said, you wouldn't want to break anything in that 1911.

Seems a shame to hide it in a safe, too bad we can't display these things in our living rooms without fear of someone stealing it!
Why would you not shoot it? (not as a range toy, but you must shoot it from time to time)

It's a tool, look at it like this

"you don't shoot it, and it just sits in the safe"

"you do shoot it and it breaks, then it just sits in the safe" (I doubt this would happen, and if you are worried about it have a gun smith look it over)

ether way sounds like you will never sell it (or I would hope not) so ......

I just bought an M1 Garand from the CMP. I would spend thousands ++ $$ for another one if I knew and could get the one my grandfather carried in WWII, and even if I did get the one he carried, damn straight I would shoot it, but it would not be a range toy.

edit to add, I don't think I would shoot the Borchardt, just because I would not trust any ammo that I could find, but the 1911 should be good to go with any ball ammo.
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Originally Posted by M. Sage View Post
More what? More crazy?
You live in California. There's always more crazy. It's a renewable resource.

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