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Originally Posted by ke6guj View Post
to be able to SBR'ed in CA it would have to be a C&R, but it would still need to comply with CA's AW rules. I have to think about it, for CA AW rules, would be be a pistol due to the <16" barrell, or a rifle due to the stock. Heck, it may be both. If a pistol, it may be AW legal. But as rifle, it has a pistol grip that would make it an AW with the detachable mag.
OK so I have a ruger mkII that is the 10" bull stainless that I have always wanted to put a buttstock on so since it is not C&R that plan is out but I did pick up a MKI with the red eagle grips that places it 1949-1952 mfg so it is C&R and I could get that pistol registered as a SBR and since it is rimfire I would not be in Assault weapon territory correct?
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