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All very nice. We just moved and now have a quarter acre. This first year we aren't doing too much as we want to see what was planted before and how the sun tracks both in front and back (woman in general upgraded things when she made fixes in the home and we see similar going on in the yard). Eventually we will teir the back yard and put in lots of fruit trees. We could easily plant a dozen if not two dozen fruit bearing trees in the yard and side yards. For now, we will likely do tomatoes in pots. The only other issue I need to resolve is that they used pressure treated wood (contains chromium copper arsnate) against the part that slopes up. Fortunately or unfortunately I'm a Ph.D. chemist and I tend to dislike pressure treated wood as I wory about those chemicals leacing into the soil and then into the food that I eat. I need to research it a bit more and will likely want to take soil samples as well.
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