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Originally Posted by Bolillo View Post
Right. One is $4 or $5 bucks a quart and the other is $4 or $5 bucks an ounce. One has tens-of-millions of vehicle-years of use in precise hydraulic systems with rotating/sliding gears, shafts, and pumps, all at elevated temperatures and shock loads. The other is sold by some dude at a gun show in between the beef jerky booths.
If you had ever used Froglube you'd change your tune. Different products for different uses. For one thing firearms don't have filters for their fluids or a reserve of oil that is constantly flowing. Try putting a thin coat of motor oil in your cylinders and see how many minutes your engine lasts. Ever notice how you have to top off your engines oil level every couple weeks or so? Yeah, it's constantly burning off.

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