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I currently live in Nevada where a CCW is given freely to anyone witha clean record and reasonable skill with a firearm. I am originally from PA and the laws are similar there.

However, I may be moving to San Bernadino County CA for work soon (and the fact that the wife's family lives there as well). Needless to say, I'm more than a bit concerned that I will not be able to get a permit in San Bernadino County. Currently, I carry everyday.

I have a clean record.
Discharged honorably from USMC.
My job requires travel through remote areas.
My job requires that I carry medicines worth $350 each x 20.
I do know some CA LEOs & Emergency Services people (not sure if that helps at all).

A lot of the info I can find through Google seems like it could be very outdated and often contradictory. Maps show San Bern as a "Will Issue" while a lot that I've read suggest that it may actually be a "Will Issue for Good Cause." I'm not sure if my employment would justify good cause or not.

Anyone with experience in getting their CCW in San Bern able to give me current year info or advice? I know laws can change year to year, Sherriff to Sherriff.

Thank you in advance.
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