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Originally Posted by Yerman View Post
Anybody have one of these? Looks like it was discontinued but recently brought back to life and in stock at Midway.
Got the new one about 2 weeks ago (have been waiting/watching for it for a while) as using a pick up tube for an AP so just so...wrong (especially considering loading 100 primers in a Lee Safety prime takes seconds).

Vibra prime works as described...but you have to "adjust" to it. You'll have to figure out your best angle/tilt and shake as it vibrates primers into the tubes. I took some 1000 grit sand paper and honed the S/L drops on the tray and this thing rocks (as compared to pick up tubes). You'll find a groove after using it a few times and NEVER go back to pick up tubes. I go from Vibra prime to LnL primer tube (mounted on press) directly - no need to use the coupler. Exact same process as the pick up tubes to the primer tube on the press. Worth every penny IMO. Well made and "enhanced" over the original version from what others are saying. Perfect solution to AP primers hassles and great addition to the bench tools.
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