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Ill add to this post then I'm going to email the guy in the sticky above. ""

I've walked out of turners several times and went somewhere else or bought online. When I'm there to pick up my purchase or buy a box of ammo why do I have to wait behind the guys who are flling out DROS paperwork or better yet the new guy asking 100 questions about which gun to buy. I have nothing against the new guy wanting to buy something and making an informed purchase, but if you have 3 new guys tying up the only 3 guys in the store that doesn't make sense.

My 2 cents is dedicate 1 guy at least to ammo/accessories/firearms pick up only. Sometimes you guys call out for ammo but other times I have asked and they say "I'll get to you in a second". Which means stand and wait in my experience. If I wait longer than 20-30 minutes for a quick buy or pick up (not DROS) I'm gone.

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