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Originally Posted by uclaplinker View Post
It would also help if the most referenced, most remembered AR/AK informational section on the website were actually updated.

The whole front page of the website could be a LOT more user-friendly & splashy - I think that would make a much larger impact than anything we could do in print.

We have so many disparate resources, would be nice to pool them and the talent to make something definitive, glossy and of high quality on the site.
I agree with that!

But as far as getting the word out via business cards etc. How about a powerpoint that would tell the story of calguns and outline the victories thus far and the work still to be done. I think that a gun show promoter might give you some space to run a couple of workshops that could introduce folks to internet activisim. I have all the equipment to put on a workshop like that. (data projector, screen, mobile internet etc.)
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