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Originally Posted by david68888 View Post
I work around Rancho area, on Friday I stop by Shooters Warehouse for the first on my lunch break. I walked in the store with three customers and three people work there but I was standing there for like 6 or more minutes and the guy behind the counter just looking at me without offering any customer service so I walked out and not coming back again. Beside, they don't have that many guns and they're over price. Bad customer service.
That's good to know I will be avoiding that store, I really don't like an uninviting business with bad customer service.

Originally Posted by Ryououki View Post
Shooters Warehouse is pretty crappy. Overpriced and horrible selection (even prior to the crazed buying). Shooters Warehouse with the crap CS is still a billion times better than the POS staff at Sac Black Rifle though.
I have had one bad experience at Sacramento Black Rifle and that was only because the store was busy and all staff were helping other people. Other than that they are usually very inviting and friendly.
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